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Lotus LuzLife, Way of Life,

 LuzLife Studio is focused in spread the Classical Pilates System and Yin Yoga Now in Roanoke, VA, USA

What is Classical Pilates in Roanoke, VA?

Join me every Saturday The

Classical Pilates System at 11:30 am

at Aurora Studio Center

110 Campbell Avenue SW, Roanoke Va 24011
mobile: 540 855 1194


Teaching the Classical Pilates MatWork with half Spine Corrector Classical Equipment. At Aurora Studio here in Roanoke.


Lotus LuzLife Logo created by Jesi Morris; a wonderful and talented artist; please contact here for more details

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Skype lesson are available now! 

LotusLuzlife – Luz A Lovern 

Please for group of classes, private session send me email to:

When I said to myself: I am a Happy!

Promote healthy living from inside out.  Respect the Planet and practice loving kindness.  

I believe! 

i-ptRDZLJ-L“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”.

quote by our Joe Pilates


Luz A. Lovern, teaching at LuzLife Studio Doha, Qatar 2007 Teaching and having fun always. Now and then!

  • Teaching the Classical Pilates System for all levels.
  • Teaching Yin Yoga and Meditation for special needs
  • The Classical Pilates Mat Work is Aerobic, please reserve your spot via email at or text me 540 855 1194
  • I will be Teaching at Aurora Studio Center and more! please more information just call me or email me

When we are able to move and have healthy spine, positive mind and respect for the planet is essential.

Stay Still.  quote by Luz A. Lovern



The Art of the Movement Called Contrology by Luz A. Lovenr a Classical Pilates Mat-work in Doha Qatar

The Art of the Movement Called Contrology by Luz A. Lovern a Classical Pilates Mat-work in Doha Qatar