The Swan Dive – Learning to Fly and Enjoying It!

via Skype at Lotus LuzLife Studio here in Qatar.

With Amy Kellow; who is my personal Classical Pilates Teacher; and I am having her to detox my Old Pilates Path.

 Amy Kellow; Will be this year in Qatar to give us the best Classical Pilates Workshop from the Original; from the Elder Mr. Jay Grimes. 

Please more information visit her web site:


The Swan Dive – Learning to Fly and Enjoying It! at LuzLife Pilates and Yoga Studio here in Qatar


In our personal practise the Swan is often one of those exercises that challenge us as individuals and therefore challenges the way we teach.

In this 3 hour workshop we will delve into the way the body should move in extension and why it is a healthy movement when taught correctly.

Starting on the Mat we will look at the Swan Dive in its entirety and learn how to teach it safely and in a way to help strengthen the back. You will explore extension in your own body so that you feel the difference and understand how to teach it more effectively.

We will look at how the Swan and similar extension exercises develop around the system and where you can use variations to develop a better understanding.

By the end of the workshop you will be flying high!

Join Amy this Sunday 12th April via Skype here in Qatar at Qatar Time. at LuzLife Studio, we will provide Mats, Refreshments and Healthy Snacks.

Be Part of the Change and Fly with me.

Price 350 QR.

10.00am – 1.00pm (UK time)

12:00 noon – 15:00 pm Qatar Time

Please more details at [email protected]
or 55700967
Call not and reserve your Mat!

Let Fly!