Today to have the opportunity to share with all of you; the experience that I am cultivating, trainings, in my own path physically and spiritually.  Workshops in Yoga, Pilates and the others disciplines that I am growing in my garden of LuzLife Lotus; and more are coming; because the Lotus is in constant movement; just like a water.

LuzLife Lotus Estudio

LuzLife Lotus Estudio Today 

Sometime is easy to let it go when we have the support and love around us; sometime is not that easy, to do alone…

LuzLife Lotus Studio is the combination of holistic approach, fitness expert to bring you the energy to learn from the root, from the basic and natural way to be healthy and fit.  We are all connected and all we belong to the same tree.

Season of Gratitude, Love and Positive outlook for our life always is posible because we have every day the opportunity to be good and do good for others. This is the Gift!

Luz A. Lovern, teacher