Classical Pilates  and Yin Yoga  integrates a series of exercises that promotes physical, mental and emotional well being addressing the two main concerns of society today: fitness and stress.

Modern lifestyles have grown increasingly less active and more stressful, impacting quality of life.  The pace of today’s society, the worldwide aging population, and the now-public awareness of the mind-body connection has created an increasing interest in Yin Yoga and Pilates as a mindful programs.

The Classical Pilates Method is based on a full, integrated system of equipment – the Mat exercises are just part of the technique; only 25 % of the Pilates exercises can be performed on a Mat.

The equipment works better and faster to change our body memories and keep you at the present moment;  as the varying springs provide support and resistance that allow an individual to enhance their core connection in a way that is difficult to do on the Mat alone.

Because of this, the equipment allows one to shape, tone, lengthen and align the body differently from that of the Mat work.  In short, the equipment works better and faster to change our entire body.

Science shows that the body needs to learn how to move correctly.  The ability to perceive movement properly is rarely emphasized in modern society, allowing dysfunction to develop.  While the brain recognizes basic movement patterns, it does not naturally focus on muscles or muscle groups or know how to sequentially build upon basic patterns of movement in a healthy way.

LuzLife, The Spiritual Fitness; mending her own energies.

LuzLife, The Spiritual Fitness; mending her own energies.

Pilates Total by Luz A. Lovern (Pilates Total where we include Yin Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Fitness Expert advice, Healthy Living, Reiki, Alexander Technique, Garuda Method, Yoga Asnas and of course Cardiovascular Exercises all together with the marvelous energies of Contrology, the Art of the Movement The Pilates Method).

Are wonderful tolls in the modern life;  that I am testing in my own path. Teaching and providing Private or Semiprivate session that will strengthen and stretch muscles, restore muscular and physical balance, provide movement efficiency, and build endurance, Meditation and working with the Principals of Yin Yoga.  Movement relies upon the synchronization of the muscles throughout the entire kinematic chain, and results in the nervous system’s ability to initiate and control all movement patterns easily by rote.  Pilates Total, improves stability and balance by promoting the nervous system’s awareness of the our body and helps in the rehabilitation of our Spiritual Machine at  LuzLife Lotus Studio here in Qatar.

Keep moving and smile to the universe,

Luz A. Lovern, Teacher

Teaching Yoga Karuna, by Luz A. Lovern

Teaching Yoga Karuna, by Luz A. Lovern