Dear friends!

I will be in London from October 1st to October 6th, 2014 for be part of the Classical Pilates Convention in London.

The original Eighth Avene Pilates Studio in Manhattan bore the first generation of Pilates Teachers and now meeting the with the Pilates Lineage in UK.

Joseph Pilates developed his work from a strong personal experience in fitness. Unhealthy as a child, Joseph Pilates studied many kinds of self-improvement systems. He drew from Eastern practices and Zen Buddhism, and was inspired by the ancient Greek ideal of man perfected in development of body, mind and spirit. On his way to developing the Pilates Method, Joseph Pilates studied anatomy and developed himself as a body builder, a wrestler, gymnast, boxer, skier and diver.

My own experience with Pilates is one of the best way to move and be present.


My Mentor and Teacher, Joe Pilates

Luz A. Lovern


Luz A. Lovern, recovering from ACS in 2013, and using Pilates for Physical Rehabilitation and practicing and teaching Yin Yoga to be back to Life!